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Vemma™ gives you the leverage to take back your life!

It’s amazing how some people can go through life trying to earn their income through 100% of their efforts. When you stop and think about it, virtually everything else in your life exists through a team effort. You didn’t build your home, design your car or even create the computer you’re reading this on. You leveraged other people’s talents and efforts to design your life. Now you can stop trying to do everything yourself by working so hard and start working smarter. We’ll show you how to put this powerful model to work for you!

We want you to put that same leverage concept to work for you when it comes to your income potential. Whether you want the opportunity to earn a little extra income to help pay off your bills or build a career through a solid home-based business, with Vemma™ and VemmaBuilder™ you can be your own boss! Vemma’s lucrative two SuccessLine™ compensation plan can help you get there.

This simple plan creates excitement as new people join, through team effort, helping everyone in that SuccessLine™ benefit from the volume and creating greater leverage within the plan. It’s a great win-win position and you can grow this home business as big as you desire.

This allows you the opportunity to earn commissions not only on your personal sales but also the sales made by others that fall under your SuccessLine™ — no matter who in the team makes the sale.


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