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“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.” — Jim Rohn

Team Up With Us!

You have already been automatically placed in a potential moneymaking position through the magic of our revolutionary marketing concept — the SuccessLine™. The sales efforts of those above and below you, as well as your own efforts, will determine how quickly your SuccessLine™s grow, how many new Members are added below you, and the size of your cycle bonuses and matching bonuses when you join our program as a Member.

VemmaBuilder™ is all about teamwork. Our SuccessLine™s put the powerful, united efforts of all Members to work for you and the entire VemmaBuilder™ Team. You could have VemmaBuilder™ Members above you right now, working to position people below you! When a Member above you finds a serious prospect, that person is placed in a straight line down. If the prospect is put in your SuccessLine™, you will get an email exclaiming, “Your SuccessLine™ is Growing!” You will probably be so deluged with these that you will be convinced our patent-pending System is working!

We Look Out For You!

Your position in a SuccessLine is secure throughout a 7-day cycle. You will have the chance to keep your priority position until the end of the cycle. If any of the individuals below you decide to upgrade to Member, and you have not made that decision yet, you will get an email announcing, “You’ve Got Money Waiting!” At that time, you can upgrade to Member, too. If you do, the new Member will be placed permanently below you. That way you will receive future bonuses on their sales efforts and the efforts of their Members. Or you can sit tight, and let new Members under you rise in the SuccessLine™. But if you do, you will lose any bonuses on those individuals — forever.

Awesome Flexibility to Explode Your Business!

With the help of our incredible System, you can allocate a certain percentage of all your new prospects to SuccessLine™ #1. The remaining percentage will go in your SuccessLine™ #2. VemmaBuilder™ invented this flexible percentage allocation System, and it gives you complete control over your two SuccessLine™s. Using the technical wizardry of our powerful, patent-pending VemmaBuilder™ System to grow your two SuccessLine™s, could earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars a month – for life!*
We help grow your business for a living!

Get your own VemmaBuilder™ business up-and-running NOW. Profit from the benefits of owning YOUR OWN BUSINESS by joining me and our dedicated and dynamic team. You are only a mouse-click away from YOUR DESTINY.

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