You Already Have A Website!

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“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” — Yoda (“The Empire Strikes Back”)

You Already Have A Website!

Did you know that we have given you a working website. In fact, your website is already up and running, just waiting for you to bring in visitors. When you do, VemmaBuilder™ will start selling for you. Using a series of tested, professionally written emails, you will be instantly marketing online.

Your personal marketing website will:

  • Capture prospect information for quick and easy follow-up
  • Automatically put prospects into your international business
  • Follow-up with every visitor automatically
  • Work for you 24/7, even while you sleep
  • Razzle-dazzle them with our revolutionary business-building ideas
  • Find individuals as serious and motivated as you are about building a business
  • Explain why VEMMA’s quality Nutrition Program has no peer
  • Provide turnkey success training and invaluable sales tools for yourself AND your Members

That’s not all:

When you JOIN, you RECEIVE:

Automated Back Office.

Easily manage all of your automated marketing activities. Our mighty patent-pending System, the one that powered Imagine2020™ to legendary online success, is sophisticated enough to help run IBM, but simple enough for anyone with little or no computer experience.

YOUR Back Office gives you:

Prospecting Autoresponder.

It can take up to seven contacts before a prospect decides to buy or join. VemmaBuilder™ makes follow-up effortless. The System sends out a steady stream of professionally-written emails to your website visitors. These emails have proven their sales ability in extensive testing. Some business owners pay thousands of dollars to ad and promotional copywriters. You enjoy the benefits of our in-house professionals for free.

Training Autoresponder.

We will send you a complete series of emails to train you and your new Members. Get priceless advice from the marketing pros in the comfort of your own home.

Real-Time Email Alerts.

Receive notices instantly when one of your prospects upgrades to Member. This feature builds excitement and encourages teamwork as your entire organization cheers the news of a new Member.

High-Touch Contact Manager.

Your Contact Manager contains detailed business and personal information about your prospects and sends you email reminders on the dates you want to follow-up!

Genealogy Tracking.

Watch your SuccessLine™s and sales volume grow as it happens. With this feature, you always know which of your two SuccessLine™s needs extra effort!


Live Conference Calls.

You can listen to almost daily live recruiting and training calls. Our calls will teach and inspire you and your new Members to business success.

Customer Support.

Friendly and helpful experts are just an email away. All of your questions and suggestions are welcome. We are dedicated to helping you achieve success.


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