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3-D video gaming is coming, but at what cost?

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Story from CNN, time to save some money XD

3-D video gaming is coming, but at what cost?
By Larry Frum, Special to CNN
May 5, 2010 — Updated 1448 GMT (2248 HKT)

(CNN) — After the rush by audiences to Hollywood 3-D blockbusters “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” game designers and developers are hoping to strike gold with 3-D gaming.

Today’s best games, already immersive experiences thanks to large-screen TVs and sophisticated graphics, could become even more intense in three dimensions — imagine “God of War III” in full, bloody 3-D glory. So far, however, the video gaming industry has proceeded cautiously.




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Nowadays, electronic commerce has grown flourishingly on the Internet. At the same time, the market of online games also increases dramatically. Online games successfully simulate virtual societies on the Internet and link up with fun of adventure, communication, trade, etc. Each player can play a role in a story and explore an imaginary world which can be romantic, fantastic, or even violent. Online games become so popular that not only attract teenagers but also office workers. Online games have already become an important business all over the world.